About us

About us

  Philosophy@Lisbon has the mission to cultivate the plurality of knowledge and methods put into practice in the modern philosophical world. On the other hand, it allows researchers from all parts of the world to publish essays, in many cases, written in their languages. 


  Entirely and solely in digital format, this open-access journal is published biannual by the Philosophy Centre of the University of Lisbon. No additional costs for publication or submission are demanded. The journal has an archive system at CLOCKSS.


  Philosophy@lisbon  has three thematic sets of guidelines:


1. History of Philosophy


2. Praxis (ethics, bioethics, aesthetics, philosophy of art, political philosophy and philosophy of law)


3. Language, mind and cognition


  The authors must agree to the copyrights and legal responsibility policies. Thus, they assume legal responsibility for the statements and opinions expressed in the articles. Authors own the copyrights of their publications, meaning that they can use the published work:


·     For personal use, including academic.

·     In the preparation of derived works, provided that the source is acknowledged.

·     In the master or doctoral dissertation, provided that there is no commercial use.

·  In institutional repositories, personal websites or research networks (like academia.edu and research gate), provided that the source is acknowledged.


In case of the authors or third parties want to use the published work for commercial purposes, permission to the editor is mandatory. 

  Philosophy@Lisbon owns all other materials, i.e., the journal reserves the right to use, reproduce, diffuse, transform, distribute or transmit the accepted submission employing digital or printed media.


  This journal is a double-blind peer review journal. All submissions will be analysed through an anti-plagiarism system. Therefore, all those wishing to publish texts in this journal must conform to these submission rules. They should also apply the formatting rules, wholly consensual and straightforward in the domain of edition in philosophy and humanities, designated as the Chicago style.


  Authors will be informed that their manuscripts have been received and they will be notified with a deadline for acceptance.


  The editors of Philosophy@Lisbon are Carlos João Correia and Filipa Afonso. Editorial committee includes Ana Paula Loureiro de Sousa, Ana Rita Ferreira, Bruno Peixe Dias, Elisabete de Sousa, Pedro Galvão, Rui Lopo e Vasco Marques.


Published by © Centro de Filosofia da Universidade de Lisboa ISSN 2182-4371